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Who We Are

Carolina Cares Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of all people with food insecurity living in The Triangle. We assist with no cost food, gently used or new clothing, shoes, household, and infant or children items, holiday meals, and gifts for children.  Carolina Cares Inc. is not affiliated with any churches or religious organizations.

Carolina Cares Inc. is volunteer operated and is completely reliant upon donations to support the food pantry, Christmas, Thanksgiving Halloween, Easter, and Back-to-School events.

How We Began

Carolina Cares Inc. began as an outreach group that started in 2014 designed as a way to help our local neighbors. Our Founder saw how many people were still in need even with the existing help that was available, and wanted to connect people who cared so they could help each other.


What We Do

Carolina Cares Inc. works on providing and connecting the people of The Triangle with resources such as food, clothing, and information for additional services.

We serve approximately 300 households per month working to end food insecurity and restore dignity.

​Carolina Cares Inc. does not distribute money for any reason. 

We are not able to assist with rent, shelter, housing, utility payments, medical issues, childcare, transportation, medications, or hotel rooms.

Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to increase dignity and decrease food insecurity by serving our neighbors with information on available resources, no cost food, clothing, hygiene, infant and children items, holiday meals, school supplies, and children's gifts.


Our vision is a world where resources are shared with those in need, waste is reduced, and all families and community members can live with independence and dignity without hunger. 


  • At Carolina Cares we believe that all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

  • We help all who seek it, regardless of any factors or circumstances.

  • We understand that children are at the mercy of the adults in their life, and believe all children should have a happy, safe, and secure childhood. We do whatever we can to help achieve that, as all of our programs benefit children.

How We Help

  • Online Community

  • Connecting Resources

  • Biweekly food pop-ups with fruit, vegetables, breads, and pantry foods

  • Easter Baskets

  • Back-to-School Supplies

  • Thanksgiving Meals 

  • Christmas Meals

  • Christmas Gifts - Toy Shoppe




Thank you to our partners! We couldn't do this without you.

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Food Insecurity in Wake County
Articles and Statistics from other agencies and news outlets

Statistics from Capital Area Food Network


Capital Area Food Network.png
Capital Area Food Network 3.png
Capital Area Food Network 2.png

Food insecurity in Raleigh, NC  by Erin McPherson

Excellent article in Ral Today from July 2020 on the state of food insecurity in Raleigh.


Did you know?

  • 14% of Wake County’s population qualifies as food insecure.

  • 18% of Wake County children live in food insecure homes.

  • Only 14% of eligible children receive free summer meals.

  • Seniors (adults aged 65+) are also high risk for food insecurity.

  • Food insecurity is expected to increase 38%, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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