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Carolina Cares is currently a community outreach program under Bridge the Gap Mission, but our #1 non-food goal in 2021 is to achieve our own 501(c)(3) status.

In 2021 we want to establish our 501(c)(3) designation so that we can legally operate as a freely independent non-profit organization. This will allow us to fund-raise and apply for grants to further our goal of ensuring that everyone in Wake County has access to emergency groceries when they need it. Carolina Cares is the only non-religious food pantry in Wake County that helps with groceries as they are needed, no questions asked and no strings attached, whenever our neighbors ask for help.

DID YOU KNOW: It can take up to 30 days for SNAP benefits applications to be approved, and then several days up to several weeks to receive the actual EBT card in the mail. This means that for a struggling family, it can be up to 6 weeks for assistance to begin after they submit an application. For many families the decision to apply can be difficult, with families waiting to apply until they feel they have no choice. By the time a family reaches this point, they are struggling to put food on the table and feed their children and themselves.

If you know anyone who would like to give back to their community in the following areas, please send them our way! We know it is a tall order, but we also have faith in our community and know they love the people of The Triangle as much as we do.

We are seeking:

  • an Attorney to help us with our initial paperwork filings

  • a CPA or bookkeeper who could commit to being our Treasurer for our first year

  • a Graphic Designer to help with our first logo and initial graphics

  • a Grant Writer to help us apply for grants after our 501(c)(3) is established

If you would like to get involved more, please contact us via our Facebook page.

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