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Friends of Carolina Cares are people who are dedicated to helping Carolina Cares help our community. They are empowered to represent Carolina Cares out in the community to help us further our goals. Friends do not have set days, hours, and tasks, and can choose when and how to spend their time in service of Carolina Cares.

Friends' primary goals:
- Conducting community outreach, sharing Carolina Cares' vision in person and on social media
- Fundraising within their own networks among their friends, neighbors, family, and coworkers
- Collecting food, hygiene, toys, and school supply donations throughout the year
- Building relationships with small businesses and other not-for-profit organizations
- Hosting personal small fundraising parties and food, school supplies, coat, or toy drives

A typical goal for a Friend may be collecting donations from a grocery store, or speaking to a business owner about sponsoring an event or donating goods. While Friends do not enter into contracts on behalf of Carolina Cares, they play a crucial role in increasing our outreach in the community. 

Would you like to be a Friend of Carolina Cares?  Email

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