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Who We Are & What We Do

Carolina Cares Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of all people with food insecurity living in Wake County and the surrounding communities in North Carolina regardless of race, religion, background or sexual orientation. 

Our vision is a world where resources are shared with those in need, waste is reduced, and all families and community members can live with independence and dignity without hunger.


Carolina Cares is not affiliated with any churches or religious organizations.

Carolina Cares provides and connects people with resources such as food, clothing, and information for additional services. The organization is managed by a small group of volunteers and aided by a community of people who care about others and want to help their neighbors.

Every month Carolina Cares provides pop up food pantries with no cost food to help our neighbors battle food insecurity. Each year Carolina Cares helps with Christmas gifts and back-to-school for hundreds of children.

Carolina Cares is 100% volunteer operated, relies 100% on donations, and is not funded by any other institutions.  

Carolina Cares does not distribute money for any reason.  We are not able to assist with rent, shelter, utility payments, medical issues, childcare, transportation, medications, or hotel rooms.

Thanksgiving & Christmas

During the 2020-2023 holiday seasons, Carolina Cares  served over 1400 children and their families with a combination of toys, clothing, and food. At Thanksgiving, Carolina Cares hosts a sponsorship program, matching private sponsors with families who need help with Thanksgiving dinner. This allows anyone to provide food for a family in need by donating groceries directly to them.

How We Help

Online Community

Connecting Resources

Clothes Closet

Food Pantry

Back-to-School Supplies

Thanksgiving Meals 

Christmas Meals and Toy Shoppe

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