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Molly Alexander


Molly Alexander is from Raleigh, North Carolina, where she still lives in Raleigh with her beautiful family, just a short drive from the house she grew up in. She is rooted in Raleigh and Wake County, NC.

Molly is a bridge builder and people-connector and inspires others to get involved to help our community. She understands that everyone goes through hard times and that sometimes people just need a little extra help.

She saw people who were "falling through the cracks" of the system and needed help to make ends meet. Molly knew that one mom may need help getting 4T clothes for her child but that the same mom likely had 3T clothes to share and help another. She understood there were people who had already navigated the complex systems and organizations for assistance and that they had knowledge to help those who needed it. She knew that people could help each other, so in 2014 she created Carolina Cares, a Facebook "crowd-sourced" page to connect people to share available resources and knowledge. Molly started everyday help for clothing, children's needs, and food insecurity, as well as yearly programs to assist with the all major holidays and back-to-school needs.


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